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How Often Should You Get A Facial?

A facial is more than a pampering treatment. Yes, it is a way to treat yourself to much
needed relaxation but there is more to a facial than a great shoulder rub or scalp
massage. Although facials are usually designed to relax you, a big part of a facial is
to treat your skin. By treating I mean, know your skin concerns and what should be
done to treat those concerns. Facials should be a regular part of a comprehensive
skincare plan. So how often should you schedule a facial?

Schedule Facials To Match Your Skincare Needs

To maximize the benefits of facials and experience visible results, you should schedule them
regularly. It is usually not practical to treat or address all your skincare concerns in a one-off
relaxing facial, occasionally, or when you need a little relaxation or shoulder rub. Facials may
need to build on each other—and/or treatments may require multiple visits before you see

Your concerns may change with the season, your stress level, your eating habits stress level, your
diet, hours of sleep per night, hormonal issues, environment, including travel and even illness.
All of these are challenges to maintaining healthy, radiant skin, but you can overcome these

The best way to consistently maintain clean, clear, firm, more luminous skin is to first get to
know your skin concerns, then schedule regular facials to address and maintain those concerns
for healthy skin.

So, how often should you schedule a facial?

Most aestheticians recommend scheduling a facial every three to four weeks. This allows your
skin to go through an entire renewal cycle. Depending on you skin needs, shorter targeted facials,
such as peels, microdermabrasion and other forms of clinical treatments can be recommended for
a shorter time frame.

If it is not feasible to get a facial every month, of course, a qualified esthetician can help you
maintain a more personalized facial schedule to best meet your skin’s specific needs. This can
include virtual facials where you esthetician shows you how to take care of your skin outside of
the treatment room with products designed just for you.

Considerations For Scheduling Your Facial

Every person has different skin and skin needs. So, before you call or go online to schedule your
next facial, keep in mind:

  • Facials are designed to treat individual skin. One size doesn’t always fit all. Your first
  • facial or your first visit with a new esthetician should include a thorough consultation.
  • Some facial treatments may cause minor irritation during the healing process, so schedule
  • your facial at least a week before any major event.
  • Tell your esthetician about all the medications and supplements you are taking. This can
  • help your esthetician avoid any products or treatments to which you may be more
  • sensitive/reactive to because of medication.
  • Tell your esthetician about any allergic reaction on sensitivity.
  • Tell your esthetician about the home care you are currently using.
  • Tell your esthetician about any skincare treatment received in the last month as well as
  • any exposure to sun.

Take the time to research an esthetician that will work for you. Your research should focus on an
esthetician with experience and one who has your interest at heart. Fancy treatments don’t
always mean great treatments or treatments that will work for you. Schedule a pre-facial
consultation, if possible, to see if an aesthetician is able meet your skin care goals.



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