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We’re focused on serious skin rejuvenation™  because our mission is to help each client achieve their best possible skin through direct consultation, service, and education.

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About Us

Claudette Jean – Skin Care Studio & Wellness Spa

Claudette Jean is a boutique spa located in East Islip, Long Island offering a wide array of skin care treatments, waxing, eyebrow artistry, and makeup styling. Owned and operated by its namesake, Claudette Jean, she has created a holistic approach to skin care designed to treat each guest in a way their body will respond positively to.

With a comfortable and inviting atmosphere, Claudette Jean is sure to put you at ease immediately. Claudette Jean creates a distinct contrast to the large obnoxious spa and wellness centers of Long Island known to create overly expensive, impersonal, and often robotic feeling spa treatments. At Claudette Jean you will receive a personal touch, which is the basis of our business mission.

We are open to all men and women looking to improve themselves through proper skin care treatments. As an added benefit to all of our wonderful customers, we ensure that all of our products are 100% paraben-free!

Why Us?

Uncompromising Quality

My goal is to ensure that the problems you walk in with are no longer the problems that you walk out with. I take the time to personalize each and every skin care treatment to the specific needs of my clients.

Passionate Esthetician

What I love to do is help people achieve their beauty goals, faster, and safer. Sometimes we work so hard for others, we forget to take care of ourselves! I’m here to remind you it’s OK to look out for #1.

Dedication to Service

The idea of looking and feeling beautiful is always appealing. I wake up everyday excited knowing I’m able to provide an affordable and comfortable way for men and women to reach their beauty goals.

9.10.17 | Skin Care

Brighter, Younger Skin this Season!

As the season changes from summer to cooler months, we make many adjustments, but one we often neglect is changes to our skin care. During the summer months our skin is exposed to the over exposure to the sun and all other environmental toxins and impurities…